We’re hiring! (Yes, in June 2022!)

Dear potential candidates —

I feel grateful and fortunate that PayJoy is positioned to hire now in summer 2022 despite global turbulence and a downturn in tech valuations. We reached profitability a couple of years ago (a.k.a. “infinite runway” — we’re not in danger of shutting down) and have been multiplying in size annually, on track to reach a billion dollars of gross volume this year, with hundreds of millions of net revenue from millions of happy customers.

Group outing, Golden Gate Park, March 2022

We’re also clarifying how we want to work together in a post-covid world, balancing in-office and remote videoconference. Team leads are empowered to choose whatever works best to achieve their goals, toward PayJoy achieving our mission of bringing finance to the next billion deserving customers in emerging markets. In practice, this looks like a lot of remote work, plus regular “meet ups” at a central location, by team. I meet with much of my direct team who live near SF in-office once a week on Mondays; others fly in once or twice in a quarter. I know a team that meets up socially on the second Tuesday of the month, as well as some that are primarily in office or on the road visiting our stores due to the nature of their work. We had a global leadership meet-up for 50 people in March in San Francisco, and we’re looking at a meet up of about 500 (a third of the company) toward the end of the year, facilitated by rapid covid tests.

So if you’re looking for a successful, growing, mission-driven company with flexible work policies, please head over to our careers page and get in touch!