Announcing PayJoy for iPhone

When we started offering monthly payment plans in May 2015 to over 90% of applicants at Villa Latina in Redwood City, PayJoy was only available on select Samsung devices.   

Over the last two years, we have been rolling out additional device families, from all Samsung, to all LG, to all Android devices.  Virtually every one of the thousands of doors that we have signed up online since have asked the same question — do you do iPhones?  

We are excited to announce the answer is now yes — we are live on iPhones.  Select stores throughout the US are currently offering pay monthly plans to customers on devices that include our software.
Pasted image at 2017_09_06 03_55 PM

While the majority of the world is on Android, the iPhone remains a key aspirational device.  While the average price of iOS devices has consistently been above Android, lower end and earlier generation iPhones are now within the price range of mid-tier Android devices.  (It’s also worth noting the average price of an Android phone has stopped falling at above the $200 mark, remaining stubbornly out of reach for much of the world’s population.)

Any store can sign up on to offer our monthly payment plans for Android devices, but for iOS we are taking a slightly different approach.  We would like to work with major carriers and retailers to distribute our system at scale — if you are interested, please reach out on  We look forward to meeting potential partners at our booth at MWC Americas in our hometown of San Francisco to discuss rollout plans.

Announcing PayJoy for iPhone

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